Maranda Ratcliff


1.  Where are you from?

From Billings, currently reside in Kalispell, MT!
2. How long have you been into fitness?
10 years
3. Why did you get into fitness, or what caused you too?
Improving performance in sports and hiking.
4. What type of workouts/fitness do you enjoy the most?
Power lifting, bodybuilding, hiking/hunting.

5. Favorite Cheat Meal?

Ice Cream
6. Favortite Supplement
Protein! Makes hitting my macros much easier and you can make so many great recipes with it!
7. Goals for your fitness pursuit/career?
Get stronger (2 plates bench, 3 plates squat, 4 plates deadlift) - possibly compete in some powerlifting competitions.
Compete in a WBFF show in 2020.
Help others achieve sustainable, healthy & happy lives!

8. Why did you decide to partner with 406 Nutrition?
I resonated with the message, the people behind the brand, and love that I can support my local supplement shop. I love being able try sample and try out new supplements each month or recommend a large variety of supplements to my clients and friends based on their goals and fitness levels.
9. #1 tip for someone just getting into fitness?
Health and wellness is a marathon, not a sprint. Find a way to stay active and eat for your goals that is sustainable for you... and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Cierra Wallace

1. Where are you from?

I grew up in Paradise Valley and have now lived in Bozeman for almost 3 years attending MSU for psychology.

2. How long have you been in fitness?
 I only seriously got into fitness my senior year of high school. I was actually so terrible at all team sports and got cut from team try outs that I decided to just take fitness into my own hands and reach my health and fitness goals on my own.
3.Why did you get into fitness?
As a teenager I didn’t have any hobbies or do anything that involved self-care or health. I was very self-conscious and lacked confidence. My brother who was in the military at the time and very physically active suggested that I get involved in something that would be bettering myself in some way. He showed me some basics for getting started in the gym and I fell in love with the process of seeing myself get physically and mentally stronger.
4. What type of workouts/fitness do you enjoy the most?
I love weightlifting the most out of the training I’ve tried thus far but I enjoy other outlets of fitness as well. I also really enjoy Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu which has taught me immense self-discipline. But weightlifting has brought me to my most passionate hobby of competing in the bodybuilding industry!
5. Favorite Cheat Meal
Chicken and Waffles from the Roost or Pizza.
6. Favorite Supplement to use?
The Mango BCAA’s from 406. Could potentially be overdosing but it’s worth any potential side effects.
7. Goals for your fitness pursuit/career?
Career wise I am aiming to become a self employed entrepreneur for both health coaching and personal training. I would love to eventually teach women’s self-defense courses locally as well.
 For my personal fitness goals I am working towards earning my pro card as a bikini competitor and become a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
8. Why did you decide to partner with 406 Nutrition? 
I’ve only seen good things come from 406 Nutrition company and their team the past 2 years. Whether it be their diligence with selling high quality products, taking the time to individually help each customer, or make an impact in the community they have just been an awesome business to watch grow. I think a huge thing can be said for local businesses and their drive to make a difference in the community and I really wanted to be a contributing member to the waves they are making.
9. #1 tip for someone just getting into fitness?
Start and be consistent. Don’t give up on the diet or the workout even if it doesn’t feel perfect or you fall off track. Keep trying different diets, different training programs and different approaches. Your work ethic will build and you will eventually find that fitness and health becomes a lifestyle that you can do long term use to reach your desired goals. 


Travis Hough


Vanessa Kurtz